Each one of us is a unique personality and not a machine. Our life and our experiences do reflect our persona. That’s what makes us versatile.

MPlus Design
Seeblick 1
24361 Gross Wittensee


On the road with lots of creativity

The name „M+ Design“ was created by the end of the nineties during my college years in the US. By the end of my design program under Adrian Pulfer (former Art Director, Ogilvy & Mather, New York) at Brigham Young University in 1996 I started this label as my own design business. It has been around for more than 20 years. No matter what else I have done during my professional career, all of my design activities have always been centred around that label and it is still around today. Just many years of experience and a larger network of friends, colleagues and clients have been added since then.

“…Michael is a very creative graphic designer”
Harald Aamodt, Principal at Eur-Am Link, LLC, USA

Genbrug Stiftung i.Gr.
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24361 Gross Wittensee


For more sustainability

I believe in the fact, that more of our daily goods and items we use should have a longer life span in order to reduce waste, save more vital global resources and to show producers of goods that longevity and quality do matter. In addition I want to raise money for charitable purposes. This way money should flow back into the society. On top of that I want to establish a more friendly and widely excepted shopping culture that is fun for everyone, the wealthy and the needy. Used does not mean bad. I also want to support those, that, based on their current financial status, may not be able to afford new products and may benefit from those offers.

I hope, that many more do think like me…

“…Michael is a very result oriented person…”
Rainer Mueller, Owner of MAXIMITAS Coaching & Consulting, Germany

Gemeinschaftsschule Altstadt
An der Bleiche 1
24768 Rendsburg


Teaching as a passion

After graduation and military service in the early nineties I was ready to hit the road to college. I wanted to be a teacher for English, Art and History. But I was told to pursue another career since teaching would leave me unemployed. Now 20 years later, I have the opportunity to help out at a local public school as an assisting teacher. My experience and my professional background plus my never lost passion for teaching make me able to work with children and youth at school. I love teaching and sharing knowledge. For more than three years I have had the opportunity to work at the “Altstadt Schule” in Rendsburg Germany to contribute my talents and skills to the best of my abilities. I love to support a new generation entering the world of education.

“…He has the ability to understand the needs of the target audience…”
Anne Castleton, Ph.D., Serial Organizer, USA

Stiftungszentrum SH
Prinzenstraße 7
24340 Eckernförde


Finding purpose in charity

It is fun to work in the field of what is called “the third sector” of business in Germany, working with organisations and foundations to implement their charitable goals. Together with Klaus Sälzer and some additional partners in my network we do provide consulting services to people, who think of creating a foundation or people who work in charitable organisations, who want to make changes. This opportunity provides ample room to use all of my knowledge and experience gained over the years and to be as creative as possible. Public relation, marketing and design are more the integral parts I am in charge of as well as the strategy for the public appearance of the organisation. Quoting Klaus on this one: “Making the invisible visible – and doing it beautifully”!

“…His expert competency is combined with creativity and professionalism…”
Walter Kleine, experienced manager in logistics and management coach, Germany

PES Stiftung
Rönner Weg 3
24146 Kiel


Working voluntarily

Since I have been involved with charitable work I have liked to be more a part of them. That’s why I was more than happy to accept the invitation by the founder of the Peter and Elke Stoffers Foundation (PES) to become a voluntary member at the advisory board. Since January 2020 I have become a member of the board of trustees. I am in great company with great personalities who share similar passions. It is fun to be able to provide some advice from the outside and to be an ambassador for a good cause. The PES Foundation is working with the youth, the upcoming generation to improve the future which is going along well with me working at school with that generation. I feel close to students and it does encourage me to be part of creating the world of tomorrow.

“…his integrity and high value driven style makes him an excellent person…”
Dieter Lantin, Owner of United Interiors International, LLC Moscow Russia

Marc Buckley
UN Ambassador 17 SDG

Global Networker

Changing the world

Before I met Marc Buckley the idea for the Genbrug Foundation was already born. But with him in my network pool I have come closer to the subject of sustainability than ever before. Marc lives and works for a better world for all people on this planet. He is a special ambassador for the United Nations traveling the world to teach the 17 UN-Goals for sustainable life and a better future on this planet. My first meetings with him have encouraged me to be part of this great cause and to do more in this regards, to change the world and to make this planet a better place to live on. I am happy to dive deeper into this network of personalities, making me more versatile and more susceptible.

“Michael is a real professional…”
Jean Claude Coustal, Project Consultant chez United Interiors International, LLC, France