about Michael

What makes me being human and what personality is inside me? Where do I get my energy?

Family Man

My whole joy

I’m happily married and father of four sweet little children. My family provides strength and the right balance I need in life. The family is the central place, where thoughts, compassion, understanding and love unite – spiritually as well as for the entire state of mind and well-being. This haven ist my stronghold.

Church of Jesus Christ
of Latter-Day Saints



Religious Person

Strength through spirituality

I have been raised by my parents in religion and in believing that there is a god. But they never imposed religion on me. I was taught to seek out, build and strengthen my own relationship with God. I have never lived much of borrowed light but filled my own lamp with oil. The church provides a home to me where I feel loved and welcome. I can be there with people like me, I can be in good company and we do encourage and strengthen each other. That is the place where I learned the meaning of eternal families and the worth of souls, about service and much more, what helped forming me to the person I am today. In the church I have learned to lead and teach people, to administer to others, to participate in service projects and to assist people in need. Life in the church makes me happy.

An old term used for having an informal or intimate quality chat about God and the world at or around the fireplace (at the side of the fire, hence fireside). 

The website ist in German only!



Motivational Speaker

Topics that matter


My life and work in the church has taught me to be trained in free speech. I like to speak in front of people and present topics that matter and move the mind. Based on the religious foundation I host a small private website showing primarily gospel topics, hence the places where I speak are also more in church settings in Northern Germany. But I am generally ready to travel and provide that service in other areas in Germany. It does bring me joy to speak to and with others about things that matter to me.