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Designer, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

There are many factors that influence our life. I am certainly a product of my surroundings but I am also a product of my own self reliance and productivity. For years I have learned to keep a clear mind in diverse situations in order to find the right answer or solution to questions and problems. This expertise, having a sound mind, a creative eye and lots of Northern German charm turn me into an ideal person to talk to. I look forward to new challenges on the horizon…


diverse on the go…

Entrepreneur – MPlus Design


This is where all my creative lines tie together. I’ve been working successfully as a designer and brand manager with that label for over 25 years. Portfolios, testimonials and information about my creative work can be found here…

Founder – Genbrug Foundation


I’ve been working for the last few months on a personal project for a new foundation about sustainability and the life cycle of products. It’s about a nice life culture from Danmark, that fascinated me and that I would like to provide room to be developed as well in Northern Germany. Its is personal and I do appreciate support for this project…

Teacher by Passion


I have worked as a lecturer and instructor at the academy of commerce in Kiel, teaching adults in communication skills. Until February 2021 I have worked for almost five years as an assistant teacher at a local middle school teaching the youth in grades 5 to 10 German, English, History and Art as well as some other classes…

Consultant for Foundations


For over four years I’ve been working with Klaus Sälzer together and I am part of the SZSH (Center for Foundations in Schleswig-Holstein). Using completely new approaches and ideas Klaus and I are revolutionizing the foundation landscape. We want to help all those who are looking into creating a foundation using effective ways and methods…

Board Member


Since I have come across the field of foundation work for the common good some part of my heart has found a new home. I love to support a relatively young foundation from Kiel which was founded by Peter Stoffers, a native of Kiel. My voluntary work on the side let me to start on the advisory council and is now continued since January 2020 on to the board of trustees as chairman. It’s fun to be part of a new creation from the ground up…

Networker – think globally


I’m not only into connecting with people electronically all over the world but instead look for opportunities to meet new people face to face. This way I have met Marc Buckley an extraordinary person who has been working diligently worldwide over years promoting the 17 sustainable goals for our planet as a special UN ambassador. I would like to do more in this field of work and are looking forward to more encounters with Marc and others in that regards…

Globally engaged


Dreamin of changing the world, making a differnece somehow. Why not? At least, I have started something.  Our Mission: Eliminating the terrible living conditions of the less-fortunate in the world, building new and affordable homes for them and at the same time building new lifes  –  one by one!


From all over the world…


“Michael Haak has created very sophisticated presentations for my executive management training with excellent density. His professional competency combines creativity with professionalism and provides an exact solution for my target audience.”

Walter Kleine, experienced manager in logistics (GLS) and management coach, Germany

“Clear Thinking”

“I’ve known Michael for many years and I have always been impressed by his clear business thinking and his ability to work with people towards a sound goal. At the same time Michael is a very creative graphic designer who can work well with clients to create the right image for their organizations.”

Harald Aamodt, Principal at Eur-Am Link, LLC, USA

“Result Oriented”

“Michael is a very result oriented person with a great ability to “think outside the box”. At the same time, his integrity and high value driven style makes him an excellent person to control and contribute to a successful bottom line result.”

Dieter Lantin, Owner of United Interiors International, LLC Moscow Russia

“Creative Force”

“I worked closely with Michael for several years as Copywriter to his Art Director. I found him to be a creative force and very easy to work with. Michael is open to creative suggestion and collaboration, and always brings strong ideas to the table.”

Scott Nelson, Master of Traditional and Online Social Marketing, USA


Don’t take no for an answer.

To achieve what’s possible you have to try the impossible.

(Hermann Hesse)